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Clear Liquid Diet Instructions


To provide clear liquids which leave no residue in the intestinal tract and provide fluids.


This diet provides clear (non-residue) fluids when acute illness produces intolerance to solid foods, in pre- and post- surgical situations, in times when it is necessary to limit residue in the colon, and in preparation for some radiological studies. The diet consists mainly of foods which are clear and liquid at room temperature.

Allowed Foods (food you may have):

  • Coffee (No milk or cream of any kind)
  • Decaffeinated coffee (No milk or cream of any kind)
  • Plain ice tea or hot tea (NOT  red in color)
  • Carbonated beverages (NOT red in color)
  • Water
  • Plain gelatin (NOT red in color)
  • Popsicles and Fruit Ice (NOT red in color)
  • Clear juices without pulp are allowed
  • Apple, grape lemonade, Gatorade (NOT red in color)
  • Clear broths only
  • Sugar, Honey, sugar substitutes are allowed when indicated.
Other allowed items:
  • Salt and Salt substitute when indicated
  • Clear hard candy as tolerated

Absolutely under no circumstances are you to consume food or drink that is RED in color.

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